A Parents’ Guide to Special Education in North Carolina

https://law.duke.edu/childedlaw/special-education-nc/ A Parents’ Guide to Special Education in North Carolina explains the special education law in clear terms so that parents can learn the vocabulary, navigate the special education system, and become an effective advocate for their children. The Guide is especially geared to assist North Carolina parents.  

SPARK for Autism

Families are invited to take part in a nationwide research project by SPARK for Autism. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is involved as a clinical site partner.  The website also has links to existing research that provides new insights to a autism diagnosis. https://sparkforautism.org/portal/page/spark-igniting-autism-research-improving-lives/  


LISTEN  –  HOPE  –  EMPOWER On a typical day the Family Support Network™ of Eastern North Carolina, Inc. is contacted and the stories often go like this: “Suddenly, I found my life turned upside down, the hospital called and my child had been in an accident.”  Another story may start with, “What had been a…