Making Pitts Babies Fit Maternity Fair

Making Pitts Babies Fit Maternity Fair 2017

FSN-ENC was at the Maternity Fair again this year! We enjoyed seeing babies we have worked with in the past as well as meeting new moms and giving them resources and information about what we do. We were also able to make new connections with resources to further our database so that when a family seeks information we can provide those referrals.

The Wee Bundles went again this year. New moms were able to hold and compare the dolls and several expressed appreciation at being able to do this as they had no idea what  the various gestational sizes were.

This was just one half of the convention center floor. There were so many vendors, agencies and services there for the families!

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Making Babies Fit: 25th annual maternity fair provides resources


Monday, April 3, 2017

Pitt County health officials on Sunday held a fair to provide information to help expecting families prevent infant mortality and to share resources and services with parents.

The Pitt County Health Department and Pitt Infant Mortality Prevention Advisory Council (PIMPAC) coordinated the 25th annual Making Pitt’s Babies Fit Maternity Fair, held at the Greenville Convention Center. The fair is among several events being held to celebrate National Public Health week and to commemorate the department’s 100th anniversary.

Event sponsors included Pitt Infant Mortality Prevention Advisory Council, Pitt County Health Department, Vidant Medical Center Community Health Programs, Triple P-Positive Parenting Program, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Winterville, Greenville Convention Center, Target, Greenville and Minges Bottling Company.

More than 80 vendors presented information about pregnancy planning, prenatal care, child health services and products designed for families of childbearing age. The fair also featured a fashion show where people modeled maternity clothes and a “Fitness for 2” exercise demo.

Originally, the fair was implemented due to feedback from focus groups among women who were enrolled in prenatal care in Pitt County or who at the time recently used the local healthcare system. Information shared by the women revealed they were not aware of resources to help with healthy pregnancies and babies. The fair was created to raise awareness of local services and to help families maintain healthy pregnancies, prevent unintended pregnancies and obtain child health service for children, according to a PIMPAC document that details the fair’s history.

Jennifer Hardee, coordinator of Women’s and Children’s Health Education Programs for Pitt County Health Department was pleased with the turnout on Sunday

Pediatricians, OBGYN offices, programs for newborn screening and resources offered by the health department were all available at the fair, Hardee said.

“Well what we want to do with the Maternity fair is raise awareness of the resources that in Pitt County that we have because we are such a resource, rich community with services and products aimed towards infants and pregnant women,” she said.  “I think that we’ve done a great job with getting a large group of those together.”

At the time of the fair’s inception, Hardee said preconception health was a focus. Now it’s resurfacing as a subject to make sure people keep in mind.

“It’s kind of come back into play with taking care of yourself before you get pregnant in order to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby,” Hardee said. “That’s one of our big areas with infant mortality reduction, taking care of yourself so you are healthy and ready to have another baby, even if you’re not planning.

While Hardee said many pregnancies might not be unwanted, many are often unintended so focusing on holistic health and healthy habits are key before, during and after the pregnancy.

There were 7.1 infant mortalities per 1,000 births in North Carolina in 2014, compared to 7.3 in 2015, Hardee said. Pitt County in 2015 had 9.7 infant mortalities which was a decrease from 2014 when there were 13.2, Hardee said.

“The lower the better, because we do know the loss of any baby is a tragedy,” Hardee said. “The thing about it is when you have a child in high school who dies the whole community pours into the family, because they have friends and they have people that have gotten to know them over the years. If you have a baby that’s 2 and 3 months old, they don’t have that because they don’t have that connection with people yet. Basically we are trying to put a face on infant mortality to know that those babies matter.”

The main causes of infant mortality in Pitt County are birth defects and prematurity, Hardee said. Smoking is definitely a big contributor, she added.

Efforts to raise awareness and promote preconception health and mothers taking care of their own health is a top priority because it helps combat chances of birth defects and pre-term births, Hardee said.

Focusing on good nutrition, physical activity, monitoring blood pressure and other vitals and going to the doctor’s for the right prenatal care are healthy practices, Hardee said.

Natasha Thorne, a Pitt County resident attended the event on Sunday where other parents and families stopped and visited tables with brochures and asked professionals and advocates about resources and information.

A stop at the Three Ps table provided Thorne with valuable resources, she said. Thorne attended the fair with her 1-year-old daughter, Navadiah.

Receiving recommendations for child care and support and finding out more information how to deal with children made the trip worthwhile for Thorne.  Based on her own experience, Thorne said she would encourage others to come to the fair.

“Even though I have a child I still need more information and resources,” Thorne said.

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2014-Family Support Network of Eastern NC at the Pitt County Maternity Fair, providing information about our services. Staff also utilized the “Wee Bundle” Babies to show the different gestational sizes of an infant as it grows during the pregnancy.

Wee Bundle Babies

Family Support Network display at Pitt County Maternity FairFamily Support Network storyboard display

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