On a typical day the Family Support Network™ of Eastern North Carolina, Inc. is contacted and the stories often go like this: “Suddenly, I found my life turned upside down, the hospital called and my child had been in an accident.”  Another story may start with, “What had been a normal pregnancy turned into an unexpected premature delivery.”   Or, “I kept telling myself that all children develop at different rates and all would be ok, then the doctor said he wanted to run some test”.

Since 1987, the Family Support Network™ of Eastern NC Inc., a private non-profit, has been providing free services to families in eastern NC.  We provide emotional support and resource information to families of children with special needs, chronic illness, and premature birth. Each year one-to-one support is provided to over 1000 new families and another 3000 families receive follow-ups.  Our trained peer mentors (support parents) and staff provide a “listening ear” for parents as they begin a journey that may be filled with uncertainty and/or unfamiliar challenges.     Parents that have been in a similar situation are a wealth of information and can be a great resource to others as they navigate the multiple systems of care.  Each story is unique, no two people are the same, but having someone Listen, provide Hope, and Empower families is priceless.

Please contact us for more information.

Brenda Boberg

Executive Director

Family Support Network of Eastern NC


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