Hines Family Story

In Testament to the Family Support Network of Pitt County, NC:

Ms. Brenda Boberg and her staff at the Family Support Network of Pitt County first entered our lives shortly after we entered the hospital on December 12, 2007, at 22.5 weeks gestation. Over the next several weeks of hospitalization and bed rest, the Family Support Network staff became one of our greatest advocates, partners, and supporters. They immediately started their support services without regards to our economic status, marital status or our ethnic and racial background. They treated us like we were family. They began supportive services aimed at educating us on what life would be like for families delivering prematurely. They provided literature, dolls (which were the size of the premature baby at each gestational age), the staff provided information and referrals to numerous resources as well. After being hospitalized on bed rest for two weeks, we delivered a baby boy at 25 weeks gestation weighing in at 2 pounds. Christian Phillip was immediately admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Pitt Memorial Hospital where we would spend the next 79 days by his bedside. For the term of his stay in the NICU, the Family Support Network staff were there to provide ongoing education and supportive services. They continued with weekly visits and support services well into our graduating into the convalescent nursery and Christian’s release on April 4, 2008. Ms. Brenda Boberg and the staff at Family Support Network continued to support our family as well as others by giving us the opportunity to be peer-parents to other families with infants in the NICU as well. We have been invited on numerous occasions to participate in functions, fundraisers and other projects and programs offered by the Family Support Network. We would just like to take this time to not only congratulate Ms. Boberg and the Family Support Network staff on their milestone of providing supportive services to families in the Pitt County Area but most of all to thank them for being such an important part of our lives…helping us to grow and sustain as a healthy, happy family with a healthy, active eight-year-old.

The Hines Family

Ricky, Beverly, Corey and Christian Phillip

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