Mitchell Picton Awarded $1000 Pitt Community College Scholarship

Mitchell Picton receives scholarship from family support network of eastern nc

The Family Support Network of Eastern North Carolina is proud to announce that Mitchell Picton has received a $1000 scholarship.  Mitchell will be attending Pitt Community College in the fall of 2010 and is a graduate of Farmville Central High School.  His future goals are to work as a game warden or wildlife officer after college.

Mitchell Picton has two things that most 19 years old don’t have: a clear vision of what he wants to do with his life and autism. Driven by a love of the outdoors, Mitchell is preparing for a career in Wildlife Law Enforcement. A hunter and a fisherman, Mitchell talks candidly about the environment and his desire to protect it so that future generations can enjoy it.

Mitchell is currently enrolled at Pitt Community College. His classes include Criminal Justice, Math, Computer Skills, and College Student Success. Upon completion of his studies, he will enroll in the Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy for his certification in law enforcement. He hopes to then be accepted to the 4 month North Carolina Wildlife Resource Officer program to finish his preparation for his chosen career: a NC Wildlife Resource Officer.

Mitchell admits that school can be “stressful” but he also acknowledges the fact that it is a necessary step to complete his life goals. He keeps his eye on the race and takes it one day at a time. With his focus and commitment, I have no doubt that he will succeed.

Those of you that hunt and fish, keep an eye out. One day in the future, you may very well have the privilege of meeting this remarkable young man. Mitchell is living proof that a handicap may slow you down, but it in no way has to kill a dream!

Submitted by: Tommy Pate