David Roberts

The Family Support Network of Eastern NC would like to introduce you to our current intern, David Roberts, who is working with us at the James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital at Vidant Medical Center. David will be graduating May 2018 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Family and Community Services with a concentration in Family Science.

This is David’s story: “Ever since becoming a camp counselor at Victory Junction, located in Randleman, NC, I have had a special place in my heart for kids with physical and mental disabilities. Being here at Family Support Network of Eastern NC has given me a snippet of what these kids and their families go through. It has shown me the strength of the parents and family members and the brave faces the kids put on before they go into a procedure. An unanticipated surprise that I encountered were the relationships made with moms in Antepartum. We are able to go on a journey with them throughout their pregnancy, having their baby early and the child placed in NICU, the child being moved to Special Care Nursery and discharged. Thanks to the NICU Follow-up Program held in the Pediatric Day clinic, located in the hospital, and providers such as Dr. Steve Engelke, we are able to see the little ones when they return for outpatient visits. That’s just one way the Family Support Network of Eastern NC stays in contact with our families. We provide resources in the community,  Peer-to-Peer mentoring, and our contact information so if they ever need anything, we’re just a phone call, email, or text away. I encourage anyone who is interested in Family Support Network, to get involved no matter where you are because Family Support Network stretches across the state. My time here has been brief but I will take what I have learned from Brenda (Executive Director) and Sherri (Parent Coordinator) and use it to further expand the vision; to Listen, provide Hope, and Empower others.”