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2018 Summer Camp Directory

This directory is a product of the Family Support Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work. It is a resource for family members and service providers who are looking for summer camp experiences for children. The Family Support Program does not endorse any camp programs, including those listed…

Multicultural Collection of Farm to Early Childhood Education Books

Multicultural Collection of Farm to Early Childhood Education Books The Food Trust’s multicultural collection of farm to early childhood education (ECE) books highlights children’s books that feature characters from diverse racial and ethnic groups, many of which are authored by writers of color. The list also includes a number of books that are either bilingual…

A Parents’ Guide to Special Education in North Carolina A Parents’ Guide to Special Education in North Carolina explains the special education law in clear terms so that parents can learn the vocabulary, navigate the special education system, and become an effective advocate for their children. The Guide is especially geared to assist North Carolina parents.  


LISTEN  –  HOPE  –  EMPOWER On a typical day the Family Support Network™ of Eastern North Carolina, Inc. is contacted and the stories often go like this: “Suddenly, I found my life turned upside down, the hospital called and my child had been in an accident.”  Another story may start with, “What had been a…

CMP Pharm

CMP Pharm in Farmville NC has been a friend and sponsor of the Family Support Network for several years.  We cannot thank you enough for all you have done that enables us to provide services to families of children with special health care needs in eastern NC.

Family Autism Center

Family Autism Center Dr. Mike Reichel and Paula Bowen at the Family Autism Center have been a great sponsor of the Family Support Network of Eastern NC, Inc. for several years. Owen Ashcraft has Aspergers Syndrome which is on the autism spectrum and has written a book to help others understand how he sees and…

Celebrity Breakfast Oct. 23rd

Our celebrity breakfast was held Oct. 23rd at Rep Express and hosted by Talk of the Town’s Henry Hinton and Brian and Rochelle Brown. Many thanks to everyone who organized, participated, and attended – please check out our image gallery for scenes from the event!

Roanoke River Partners

Family Support Network of Eastern NC is partnering with Roanoke River Adventures in providing a healing time for their families in the outdoors.  Contact us for more information. Nature affords us an opportunity escape from our daily routines and enjoy the beauty that is naturally around us.  Roanoke River Adventures is the right get-away to…