Allie Efting – 2013 Angel Boberg-Webb Memorial Scholarship Recipient

The Board of Directors and staff of the Family Support Network of Eastern North Carolina offers congratulations to Allie Efting who is the recipient of the 2013 Angel Boberg-Webb Memorial Scholarship for senior college students who plan to teach children with special needs.

Allie is a senior at East Carolina University, majoring in Special Education.  Upon graduation she will also have a reading licensure.   This will give her specialized training in the art and science of reading instruction which is an issue for many children with special needs.  Allie explained in our July 30th interview that up until the fourth grade she struggled with learning despite her constant efforts to improve and support from family and teachers.  Then, her fourth grade teacher recognized a difference and met with her parents to recommended further evaluation. Allie had individualized educational testing and was diagnosed with dyslexia. Once her differences were identified she began to receive special education services that helped improve her academic skills, as well as her confidence.  Over the years she had help from many different special education and general education teachers which inspired her to become a teacher and make a difference in children’s lives.

Allie is a Wilmington, NC native and began teaching as a high school student.  She participated in a teacher cadet program in high school and worked for two years at the Carolina Beach Elementary School in an intensive behavioral classroom.  She learned from the lead teacher how to use a “family atmosphere” to promote respect and learning.  Allie worked with the students and began to understand the multiple issues that impacted them.  In her two years she saw many students make important strides with their academic and behavioral skills.  Once she came to ECU she has worked in elementary, middle and high schools in Pitt and Beaufort Counties.

Allie has received her classroom placement for 2013 for a DH Conley High School special needs classroom.  She is excited about this new opportunity to continue to work with students with special needs and develop her teaching skills.

Allie’s long term goals include teaching special needs children/teens in Eastern North Carolina.  She understands the frustrations of students who are having challenges and she has seen students open up after she tells them about her story.  The Family Support Network of Eastern North Carolina is proud to help her continue to pursue her educational goals and advocate for children and youth with special needs.

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