ADHD or Autism? Does it matter?

The lack of focus, noise and confusion common to these disorders is also common to diagnosing them. Do we even need to diagnose? Many just say since there is no cure for either we should focus on treating the symptoms.

In my experience, a definitive diagnosis is helpful when deciding many issues. Should you medicate? Should you pursue behavioral interventions? As a parent, when do you discipline and how? A clear diagnosis and understanding of the basic biology causes of each disorder can be extremely helpful. I need to warn you however, these waters are muddy and boring at times. Did you see basic biology? Yes indeed.

I do recommend getting professionals involved at the very least initially. Then, assess your natural supports such as other parents, (your own, friends or relatives) and community supports. Then you can feel confident in developing a treatment plan. Wait, did I say you develop a treatment plan? Indeed, no one knows this issue more intimately than you. You are the best advocate. You can do this with the help of your doctors, counselors and therapists. Does this sound expensive? It is, I will not sugar coat that. Finding ways to fund this is no easy feat. However, you can do a lot on your own. The internet is a great resource. Just use Dr. Google carefully, I heard that they lost their license years ago if they even had one. But seriously, do not take just one piece of research or advice and run with it. Evaluate it through the lens of what you already know about your child, does it make sense?

You will need to see at the very least, your primary physician. They can point you in the right direction and provide medication if that is what you decide. From there if you can add a counselor and/or other professionals who specialize in ADHD and/or Autism Disorders to your treatment team. Counselors should be able to do parenting, individual and family counseling for special needs families. You could see them as needed, especially after you have developed your treatment plan.

The Family Support of Eastern NC is available to assist families in navigating this process.  We can provide the emotional support as well as resources such as information and referrals. We can also connect you a parent from our network who will also be able to walk alongside you.

Please use the contact form below to let us know how we can of assistance to you in your journey.

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