A Moment in the Life of a Grieving Parent

For all the parents who live this moment, every moment of every day &

In loving memory of my son, Bridger Wayne Hogan (May 20, 1993-April 19, 2011…you will forever be in my heart!


Since beginning this journey they call “surviving the loss of your child” I have learned so many things.  I’ve learned that time means NOTHING and EVERYTHING all at once.  Time is forever split by that one moment I heard the words no parent can fathom, even in their worst nightmare…”Your child died.”  Time is forever seen as before and after that moment.  Time means NOTHING for no matter how much time passes, the pain and heartache never go away!  Time means EVERYTHING because etched into the deepest part of my soul is the memory of the last time I saw him, heard his voice, saw the sparkle in his smile, touched him,  laughed with him, cried with him, celebrated with him, the last time I was blessed to make my last memory with him…the last time my life felt complete.  I’ve learned the true meaning of heart break; the piercing pain that never goes away. I’ve learned that my life, my world, is forever changed, and I will never be the same person I was before.

I’ve learned that you can miss someone so much that it makes it hard to breath, and it takes everything inside of me to endure one more day without my child physically here with me. I’ve learned that in my darkest moments I am stronger than I ever imagined I could be…and I’ve learned that there are no words or explanations to make someone understand what a moment in the life of a grieving parent is like if they have not walked in those exact shoes that no parent ever wants to wear! I’ve learned that although I do not have a psychology degree, a license to be a counselor or any legal certification framed on my wall to document my experience and knowledge of grief, I can guarantee you that a moment in the life of a parent who sits at the foot of her child’s grave knows more about grief than any education can provide…losing your child and surviving, one moment at a time, makes a parent an expert in living through grief.   Most of all, I’ve learned that every moment of every day, for the rest of my life…I will miss my son, but I will live and love just as he did~with all I have to give!  A moment in the life of a grieving parent…a moment changed my world forever…and some day, a moment will bring us together again, forever this time! ❤️

by Melanie D. Griffin

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